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Jewellery care

Jewellery Care

All our jewellery is made from solid sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver with the exception of any pieces which are commissioned which can be made in the metal of your choice i.e. platinum, palladium and all the gold variations. We have indicated below some tips of how to care for your jewellery.

Sterling silver

  • Silver naturally tarnishes as a result of exposure to perfumes, lotions and the environment and will need cleaning from time to time. It is also subject to damage by salt and chlorine and we recommend removing your jewellery where appropriate
  • Silver that has a satin or matt finish will in time become more polished, likewise silver that is highly polished will become matt with wear. We offer a reconditioning service for all the jewellery we supply, contact us for details.
  • To clean your jewellery we recommend silver dip or foaming silver polish and follow the instructions carefully except for pieces that have been gold plated ( see below )

Gold Plated

  • We plate all our jewellery in house using 18 carat hard gold solutions on a silver base which results in a very yellow warm tone. But plating is affected by the use it receives and in time it can fade and wear. Again we offer a re-plating service for all jewellery supplied by us. To clean plated pieces we recommend washing them in a warm soapy solution using a really soft brush and rinse and dry thoroughly, under no circumstances use an abrasive.

General care to preserve your jewellery in good condition

  • Store your pieces separately so they don't rub and scratch against each other
  •  Whilst we endeavour to make our jewellery strong and robust we suggest you remove the more delicate pieces if undertaking strenuous physical activity.
  • To prevent premature tarnishing store your pieces in a sealed bag or box thereby reducing their exposure to the environment or alternatively wrap them in acid free tissue paper.